Metaverse Domain Registration FAQ

How do I claim a .metaverse domain?

Migrating your .com domain to the metaverse is free and easy. To claim a domain, enter the email address associated with your company’s domain (e.g.

If no one has already registered your company.metaverse, you’ll receive an email to verify your address belongs to you and, if your registration is successful, a confirmation message. 

The ICANN-registered admin of your company’s domain will also receive a notice that the .metaverse domain has been claimed by you and will provide them with your email so they can contact you.

What if my domain has already been taken?

If your domain shows as taken, you will be able to click a link that sends a message to the already active domain administrator letting them know you are enquiring about the domain. They will then be able to respond directly to you through the email address you provided.

Can I register any domain I want?

You can register the domain for an email address that belongs to the namespace you are already part of. If anyone else from your namespace tries to register that domain we will let them know it’s already been registered by you. You cannot currently register a domain whose namespace you do not belong to.

How much does an MCity domain cost?

.metaverse domains are free for companies, as is unlimited land for their campus in MCity. If you haven’t signed up for MCity yet, you can do so here.