MaaS Cube

Phygital is the future

Redefine the idea of mixed reality with Touchcast’s MaaS Cube. Bringing an immersive digital experience to the physical world, MaaS Cube radically transforms traditional in-person interactions and elevates any MaaS offering with authentic connections and inspiring possibilities.


MaaS Cube has potential across a range of verticals and applications, from e-commerce to powerful presentations.

Consider the retail industry: take your in-person shopping experience to another dimension by immersing shoppers with screens displaying 3D renderings of products. For consumers, this means a more customizable shopping experience. For retailers, they save on shipping extraneous products and can gather valuable insights to what is actually resonating with their clientele.

Unforgettable value

Wrapped in LED screens from all directions, MaaS Cube has all the intimacy of a physical venue with the infinite flexibility of a mixed reality space. Imagine what you can do with:

  • deeper consumer and client insights

  • reductions in excess product on the floor

  • more opportunities to prioritize human resources

  • unparalleled customization

  • new avenues for advertising and connection

  • increased visibility and brand recognition

Use Cases

Concept pop-up store

Luxury retail experiences

Limited-edition product drops