Touchcast Fabric Portal: Basics

Touchcast Fabric Portal is a video storage, distribution, collaboration, and account management center all in one.  As it is a web application and can be accessed across all operating systems and leading browsers with no product installation required.

It provides: 

  • A secure and private place for you or your team to upload and share Smart Videos created with any Touchcast product: Touchcast Studio for iPad, or Touchcast Pitch for Windows 10 or Mac OSX. It can also store other content for your company including: standard videos, documents, images, and other file types.

  • Commenting on any shared video

  • The ability to share Smart Videos to an individual, group, specific domain/s, both internally within your organisation or externally with any user.

  • Profile and password management

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) across all Touchcast products.

  • Business and enterprise customers organization administrative capabilities to manage users, videos, and handle key account management processes.

  • Channels (playlists) for collaboration or grouping content together are available to business and enterprise customers.  

  • Analytics to track audience views, engagement, and interaction with real-time analytics 

  • Enterprise customers with the ability to upload subtitles to their touchcasts

  • The ability to integrate with an enterprise customers own SSO solution.

See the Fabric Portal Overview for more details.