Touchcast for Teams FAQ

In this section we'll review the most frequently asked questions from users of Touchcast for Teams. 


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What is a venue?

A venue is a 3D environment in which a session is conducted. Touchcast provides you with a
library of uniquely designed 3D venues that can be customized with your company logo. Each
venue was created to evoke a different mood and feeling so you have a variety of spaces to
choose from, keeping your presentations fresh and engaging.

What is the optimal device and internet speed?

Performance of the meeting and application is dictated at the Teams level. Thus, minimum
requirements are determined by the Teams application. View this helpful Microsoft guide to
ensure you’re prepared.

Can I use my mobile phone to set up a Touchcast for Teams meeting?

You can use mobile to create a meeting, but you will have to use the desktop version to add the Touchcast for Teams application and launch the extension in a session.

I don’t see the + button… what should I do?

In order to edit a meeting and add an application, at least one participant must be added to the
meeting invite. We recommend adding yourself, or another colleague, as the required attendee. Once an attendee is added and the meeting is saved, you will be able to edit the meeting and add the app.

Do I need a Teams license to participate in a meeting?

No, only the host will require a license. You can still join the session and participate as an

If I schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook, can I still use the integration?

Yes, but in order to use Touchcast you will need to open the meeting in your Teams calendar and add the Touchcast for Teams app to the meeting.

I don’t see the Touchcast app in Teams, what’s the problem?

Your company likely has some restrictions in place. Please contact your IT department to grant you access to the Touchcast app. If the issue persists, please try logging out of your Teams tenant and relaunching.

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