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Touchcast Cogcache

Touchcast Cogcache is an optimized edge caching solution for the Generative Web that provides the most cost-effective, high performance way to access Azure OpenAI with no capacity limits.

⚛️ Touchcast Ciscape

Touchcast Ciscape is a revolutionary AI-powered generative web publishing platform that dynamically transforms your website into an immersive, personalized experience. Leveraging the power of AI and Azure, Ciscape empowers you to create a unique, rich and interactive digital environment tailored to the needs of each visitor, ensuring your brand stays relevant and engaging in the new era of the Generative Web.


Touchcast Genything

Touchcast Genything is a groundbreaking product that empowers you to create immersive, conversational, and multimodal content using the power of generative AI.

Touchcast Showtime

Touchcast Showtime is designed for hosting virtual events and experiences. Offering a robust CMS for admins to create, host, and share live sessions and video-on-demand, put your content on the center stage with the sleek and accessible Showtime platform.


MaaS Enterprise

Touchcast MaaS Enterprise empowers organizations to deploy immersive experiences and products through the power of Azure. These AI-enhanced and hyperpersonalized offerings allow brands to integrate with Microsoft Teams and the Cloud for greater impact with their customers, at speed and at scale, through every point of the customer journey.

Touchcast for Teams

Touchcast for Teams is a mixed reality video communications application fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and powered by Azure. Touchcast brings communications to life by connecting people from around the world through authentic and inspiring immersive experiences, from sales pitches to reimagined retail centers.

Touchcast Fabric

Touchcast Fabric is a cloud-based video storage, distribution, collaboration, and account management center—all in one seamless portal. Fabric is compatible with any device and any browser, so you can stay connected wherever you go.




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