Touchcast CogCache

What is CogCache?

CogCache is the most cost-effective way to access Azure OpenAI with no capacity limits.

By leveraging a global network of Azure supercomputing clusters, CogCache provides the highest performance and lowest cost on the market for Azure OpenAI tokens, enabling companies to unlock the full potential of generative AI.

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How CogCache works?

CogCache works as a proxy between any Azure OpenAI-based solutions and Azure OpenAI, using a man-in-the-middle (MITM) approach.

This means that when the same prompt is generated multiple times, Azure OpenAI is not used to generate the response each time, but rather the responses come from CogCache.

What are the CogCache benefits?

  • Benefit from the lowest cost on the market for Azure OpenAI tokens

  • Achieve the highest performance with the fastest response times, lowest latency and full LLM grounding and alignment

  • Access the most advanced LLMs with no capacity limits

  • Pay only for what you need, with monthly and annual subscriptions

  • Get started in minutes with a simple purchase process

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