Touchcast Genything App FAQ


 Why do the lips look strange? 

 Bad lip animation can be caused by incorrect recording. Please try to avoid smiling too much, tilting your head, or incorrect positioning. 


 Why does the audio sound bad? 

 Bad audio can be caused by recording with echo, ambiance, and being positioned away from mic. 


 Some of the words sound incorrect. 

 Bad pronunciation of certain words can be caused by complex words, poor audio recording, or AI error. You can try to write the word differently or phonetically. If you want to replace the word everywhere in the entire presentation script including on other slides, you can right click on the word you wish to change and choose "Replace" and replace globally. 


 Why can I see part of my original background on my SynthMe? 

 Bad silhouette extraction can be caused by clothing color and hair color matching the background, visible chair behind the speaker, wearing headphones or bad lighting. 



Why does the script contain points I don’t want it to talk about? 

 Our AI model will not understand what information is important to mention and what is not. Please provide only the necessary information instead of relying on the AI model to choose what to include or exclude. 


 Why does my SynthMe’s voice sound broken? 

 Sometimes in rare cases, depending on the original audio quality, the generated audio may become broken. To solve this problem, you can regenerate this problematic slide. 



Why did it generate 15 slides when I only asked for 12?  

The more slides you choose, the more likely the number will be wrong. This is because of the way our AI model includes the content you wish to include.  

If you are generating text based on a PDF, Genything works through the document methodically, page-by-page. In this case, the number of slides will be exact. 



Why do my slides look bad? 

 If you are using PDF with only images, or text rendered as an image, the slide designs are complex, or there is not enough text info, it is likely that Genything will not know what content to generate for this slide. You can fix this manually or choose to remove this slide. 

Tip: You can modify the text or add your own custom images instead of the generated slide. 



Why do some of the camera movements seem broken? 

 We have attempted to provide cinematic camera movements in all venues. If you discover certain camera movements that could be improved, please report a bug. 


 Why can’t I see all of the title text on the slides? 

 Genything doesn’t currently support auto-resizing of title text. You can rectify this by choosing a different style or modifying the text. Auto-resizing will be a feature in an future update of Genything. 


 Why does it take so long to create a SynthMe or to generate content? 

 The time required to generate videos or SynthMe digital twins are directly influenced by the performance profile of your computer: 

  • Please see the recommended specifications and confirm that your computer conforms to them 

  • Close any process or RAM intensive applications running on the computer during the generation phase 

  • Ensure the version of macOS is a supported version and that it is up to date 


 Why do I receive an error message when attempting to use a website as source material? 

 Certain websites may not be parsed properly through Genything directly. If you encounter this issue, you can try saving the website as a PDF file using the “print to file (PDF) functionality” of your browser and use the resulting PDF file as a source in Genything. 



I’m trying to generate a Podcast having chosen my subject and host, but I am still unable to start generating the podcast, what should I do? 

 The Podcast features requires a host and at least one guest. Select a guest for the podcast and the “generate button” will become active. 


Why am I unable to access my webcam in other applications while using the Genything app? 

 The Genything app can utilize a webcam connected to your computer when initiating and processing the digital twining process. While this process is active Genything will engage the webcam for this specific purpose preventing the webcam from being utilized by other applications until the process is complete. 


 I feel as if my inputs and requests aren’t being properly adhered to by the Genything application when I am attempting to manually specify a subject. 

 Although similar, the subject input within Genything isn’t a prompt input field like you would find with for example ChatGPT. Genything used AI to construct appropriate prompts based on the information fed into the application, as such it’s recommended to use simple subjects such as “Generative AI in the world of content creation” instead of complex input prompts. 


 Why does the ‘Webcam‘ feature only show me through my webcam? 

 Live Webcam is a function to allow users to record themselves in the chosen room / stage in the same way an avatar would be presented. To generate digital twins please use the "Synthme" feature. 


 Why can’t I use my own presentation slides for the Genything process? 

 Genything requires slides to be in landscape orientation to be used during the generation process. If the slides are portrait oriented the information contained in the PDF can be used as story content only. 


 Why does the ‘Preview’ button in Genything cause the presentation to be generated? 

 This is because Genything hasn’t previously generated content for this project. Please use the ‘Show’ button if you wish to preview the content without initiating the generation process. 


 Why can’t I use Genything offline? 

 Genything relies on several online services to function including application access management. Genything requires an always-on internet-connection to function. 


 Is the Genything app able to integrate into other systems? 

 No, The Genything App is a completely stand-alone application for macOS 


 What is the difference between Avatars, SynthMe, Digital Twin? 

 Avatars are avatars built to specification without an actual human as a template. SynthMe or Digital Twins are a life like representation of a human being used as a template. 


 When I create a digital twin, do I get a branded website, like some of the demos I’ve seen? 

 No, The Genything App can generate a digital twin that can be used in the context of generating more content using the Genything application. For more information about website-based Digital Twins, please contact