Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator

Powered by Touchcast and the Microsoft Cloud, and fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, the Metaverse Car Configurator combines a digital-first experience with a human concierge to deliver an immersive customer journey that drives people to take action.


Spanning the entire customer journey - from Awareness to Consideration, Purchase, Delivery, Loyalty and beyond - the Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator picks up where the competition leaves off, helping clients:

  • Boost engagement, increase dwell time, and maximize conversion rates by providing an exhilarating and beautiful UX with real-time 3D and full-motion graphics.

  • Escape the legacy trap and scaffold customers’ existing platforms with a user-friendly, hassle-free experience.

  • Bring brands to life, build authentic relationships with live sales, and support human advisors.

  • Deploy quicker and onboard faster with integrations into Teams and hosting on the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Easily integrate with existing back-end systems.

  • Do more with less by choosing the industry’s most cost-effective car configurator and leveraging Azure credits.