MaaS Studio FAQ

In this section we'll review the most frequently asked questions from users of MaaS Studio. 


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How do I sign in to MaaS Studio?

Once your email has been approved and processed by Touchcast, an invitation email from Azure needs to be accepted. Upon first login into the MaaS Studio application, you may be prompted to complete a 2FA security step. 


A warning was displayed when I tried launching the application. What do I do?

Since MaaS Studio application builds are not yet signed, a warning may be displayed upon launch. However, the application is safe to launch. Third party antivirus software may interfere with the launch or features of the application. We recommend the antivirus software be temporarily disabled while in use.


What are the minimum system specifications to run MaaS Studio?

To run the MaaS Studio application, here are the minimum system specifications: 

Minimum System Specifications for MaaS Studio

Minimum System Specifications for MaaS Studio

Operating System 

64-bit Windows 10 


Nvidia RTX 3060 


AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or Intel equivalent 


At least 16GB of ram 


8GB available space 

The app could be launched from either a desktop or laptop PCs if they meet the minimum requirements.

If the application is launched on lower specifications than recommended, the application can still be run, however the performance (FPS or frames per second) may be lower than desired. Additionally, there may be longer loading times observed.

For a preferred experience, a dual-monitor setup is recommended for better viewing and navigation when running MaaS Studio. 


Can MaaS Studio run on Mac?

No. The MaaS Studio application is compatible with Windows-based computers only. 


Why is the app slow or lagging?

If MaaS Studio is running slowly but the minimum system specs that already been met, you can try the following optimization options within the application settings:

  • Remove audience models from view

  • Disable camera previews

  • Disable various graphic effects like v-sync, raytracing, lumen, or nanite

  • Set a fixed FPS


What is a .TCP file?

.TCP (Touchcast Project) is the file format of saved project files in the MaaS Studio application. TCP files contain information such as settings and coordinates utilized by MaaS Studio on options and objects such as cameras, camera sequences, sources, prop placements, and others within the environment.

TCP files can be usually located in C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\MetaverseStudio\Saved


How do I save my changes?

All changes are automatically saved to your project file (.TCP) as you configure your environment and experience. No actions are needed to prompt a save.


Am I able to export and share my project file?

Yes! MaaS Studio application users can save and share your .TCP project file to share with other contributors to your experience or to save as a backup in case you would like to apply further changes.


Which media file formats are compatible with MaaS Studio?

You may upload the following media file formats the MaaS Studio application for use within sources of your 3D environment. The following formats are supported:

  • Images

    • .JPG 

    • .PNG

  • Video

    • .MP4

    • .MOV


Who do I contact for support or further questions about the MaaS Studio application?

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues. Contact us through our support website at , or email for direct assistance.