Getting to Know MaaS Enterprise - Overview

MaaS Enterprise, comprised of MaaS Studio, MaaS Studio Toolchain Plugin, and Touchcast for Teams, is a collection of immersive experiences applications. MaaS Enterprise empowers you to craft, produce, and broadcast vibrant immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary.

In this section we will only be covering MaaS Studio and Toolchain. For Touchcast for Teams, please refer to Touchcast for Teams.

MaaS Studio’s robust features allow you to become the producer of your own digital space, while the MaaS Studio Toolchain Plugin empowers developers and artists to create a custom experience that’s uniquely yours.


Engage with your audience in full-motion real-time 3D

Create and Animate Cameras


With tools like depth of field, custom animation keyframing, sequencing, camera transition effects and more, you are equipped to produce a professional-grade cinematic experience.

Play Animations and other Custom Events

Transform the way your product interacts with your audience by playing custom events to spotlight your product’s cutting-edge features, parts, variants, and capabilities.

Integrate Videos and Media

Amplify your brand’s identity and guide users effortlessly through product’s functionalities by adding videos and media to the digital screens.

Utilize our library of stunning ready-to-use venues…

Each venue in our library is meticulously designed and waiting to be discovered. You’re not just choosing a venue, you’re setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

…or craft your own digital environment!

Use the MaaS Studio Toolchain plugin for Unreal Engine to shape your experience the way you envision it. Design and develop environments tailored to a wide array of use cases - from vibrant conferences to dynamic storefronts and beyond.

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