Showtime FAQ

What is Showtime?

Touchcast Showtime is a powerful platform for hosting beautiful events and immersive experiences. Stream content live to a uniquely designed event page, and bring attendees together before, during, and after the show with engagement features like real-time chat, live Q&As, and polls.

Who is it for?

Showtime can be used by in-house production teams or agencies who are looking to host their virtual events, learning experiences and showcases. It has a very granular system of roles and permissions that can be customized for each client and delegate different areas of event management to various team members.

Does it integrate with other systems?

Showtime has a built-in integration with Cvent and allows for easy iframing of engagement tools like Slido, for example. Other integration requests can be considered as well.

How is Showtime priced?

Contact us at for a consultation.