Showtime v4.0 - Public Release Notes

Release date: April 4, 2023

Pipelines in the CMS

Pipelines view and management are now available in the CMS! Read more about how to manage the pipelines for your live event, what to expect when it comes to scheduling in this guide.

Allowlisted Admin login

As a continuation of sunsetting Allowlisted Admin section, a login option to enter the CMS using an Allowlisted Admin account has been removed. The only way to log in now is to use a Touchcast account via an invite from the CMS.


Teaser page

Added an option to hide event date from the teaser page.


Update to the "Full access to all events" permission

If this permission is selected, it will automatically trigger enabling of special permissions on the backend to ensure that the user with the role has indeed full access to features.

Marketing emails (beta, limited availability)

Improvements and bug fixes to the Marketing emails section: updated section naming for clarity, added tooltips, fixed bugs in Basic and Advanced editors and previews.

Analytics date format update

Updated date formats across multiple analytics reports for consistency.

Updated date format: 2023/01/13  07:51:00


Reports that were updated | csv file name:

  • All Registrants Report | [xxx]_login_history.csv

  • Showcase Individual Analytics Report |  [xxx]_content-viewing-data.csv

  • Individual Poll Analytics Report (Showtime) | [xxx]_showtimel_poll_vote_history.csv

  • Individual Poll Analytics Report (Third Party)  | [xxx]_third_party_poll_vote_history.csv

  • Session Q&A Analytics Report |  [xxx]_qa_analytics_report.csv

  • Session Simulated live Q&A Analytics Report | [xxx]_session_live_simu_qa_analytics_report.csv

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with horizontal scrolling of resource cards when a larger version of cards is used.

Accessibility Improvements

Closed the gap on the following accessibility requirements according to WCAG 2.1: