Showtime v3.5 - Public Release Notes

Release date: January 19, 2023

Allowlisted Admin section

The Allowlisted Admin section has been sunset and is no longer available in the CMS. If access needs to be recovered temporarily, a request needs to be sent to the Product Manager.

Update to the “Full access to all events” permission

Updated the logic behind the "Full access to all events" permission in the CMS. When “Full access to all events“ permission is set to ON in the CMS, all other permissions are automatically enabled and cannot be disabled, unless “Full access to events“ is set to OFF. Functionally, it was already working that way, but the UI was not consistent.

Tooltips for the events access types

Added tooltips to describe each access type when an event is created or edited.


In addition to managing footer by HTML, it’s now possible to construct a footer using Footer Settings. The following types of content can be added:

  1. Text

  2. Social links

  3. Links with text


Placement of each section can be aligned to right, left or center.


Application of custom fonts

The process of using custom fonts has been improved. If a custom font has been added to the organization (only by Touchcast), CMS users can apply this font to the following event page areas:

  • Event title on login/registration and various messaging pages

  • Event title on main page

  • Event title on teaser page

  • Event title in the footer

  • Main page subtitles




Other improvements and fixes

  • In microsites on mobile resolutions the title and description have been moved up to display more content and decrease unused space.

  • Added event user ID column to the Session Poll Analytics report and CSV.

  • When custom registration fields are created, the letter case was not always updating properly. This issue has been fixed.